1. Houses of Parliament
    Save the Houses of Parliament
    There is a bomb under the Houses of Parliament and as a construction worker you have been called in to help find the bomb as it's unstable. Quick defuse the bomb before you end up being blown to pieces.
  2. Prison Break
    Prison Break
    Escape the Jail Cell before facing execution in only 1 hours time! Start chained up in handcuffs in prison clothes and work together with your cellmates to break out!
  3. Save Christmas
    Save The World
    Charity Themed with a percentage going to various charities. Come and educate your children about different ways they can make a difference whilst trying to solve a sleuth of clues to escape!
Starting Price Per Person

We have three small rooms all under the Esplanade that you get locked in for one hour, as a team you have to solve a sleuth of clues and hidden messages to unlock multiple locks in order to escape. 

Each room is redone every 6-12 months so that you can visit multiple times.

We have a bar serving food and drinks.
  1. First Escapees
    Very good, fun, not done it before, did not know what to expect but found it very good and exciting
  2. Had a great experience, a lot harder than I expected. Would definitely highly recommend and will do this again.

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