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Singles Night
Every Friday in October
Wanting to meet new people? Here's your chance to get trapped with up to 5 other strangers. Join us first for a Drink at the New Three Chimneys Restaurant to be followed by the Challenge to work together to Escape our Dungeons. Followed by the Event of the night, whether thats a open night night or a games night.

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We have three small rooms all under the Esplanade that you get locked in for one hour- as a team, you have to solve a sleuth of clues and hidden messages to unlock multiple locks in order to escape. 

Each room is redone every 6-12 months so that you can visit multiple times. We can take a minimum of two people per experience and a maximum of fifteen. Five people are the maximum per room.

We have a bar serving food and drinks.
  1. First Escapees
    Very good, fun, not done it before, did not know what to expect but found it very good and exciting
  2. Had a great experience, a lot harder than I expected. Would definitely highly recommend and will do this again.