How many people are allowed in a team?

As are rooms are small in size we have a maximum of 5 people per dungeon.

Is there an age limit?

We do not have an age limit, however the Prison Break and Defuse the Bomb are designed for an adult party. An adult must be present in all experiences, inside or outside the dungeons.

What do I need to bring?

All you need to do is bring yourselves 15 minutes early to allow us enough time to get you in on the start of your hour, if you are running late please let us know.

How big are the Escape Rooms?

We have three small escape dungeons, approximately 2 metres wide and 4 metres long, with a low curved ceiling reaching approximately 2 metres in height.

Are they scary?

None of our rooms are designed for fright in mind but we can’t guarantee you will not get scared at some point.

Do you have parking?

As we are located within the Jubilee Hotel. We may be able to offer parking, if you pull into the Hotel carpark and talk to the reception team and they can advise you on parking. If they can not spare the parking, pay and display parking is available on the Esplanade right in front of the building.

Can I Cancel?

All of our experiences are non-refundable, so no payment will be refunded upon cancelation, however, it is possible to move a booking to a more suitable time (small charges may apply).

How hard are they?

They vary in difficulty, there is a slight difference between Prison Break and Defuse the Bomb, however typically the Prison Break is the hardest one as it has the longer average time to escape.

Do you always escape?

It’s not uncommon to not Escape within the hour but we are very generous to give you extra time to escape where we can, as we want you to Escape.

Will we have to share a room, if we book less than 5 people?

No, all our experience are private for you to enjoy, however there may be other groups in other Dungeons at the same time.

Can we bring an extra person?

It is possible to bring extra person on groups 4 or less but you will need to let us know and extra charges will apply.

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