Embark on a prehistoric adventure with Dino In The Jurassic at Weymouth’s Escape Dungeons. 🦖 Someone has hidden Dino’s stuff, and it’s up to you to find everything and escape before he returns to his nest. Do you have what it takes to prevent a Jurassic rampage?

Prehistoric Puzzle Hunt: Step into a world of dinosaurs as you take on the challenge of uncovering Dino’s hidden belongings. The clock is ticking, and your mission is clear—locate everything before Dino returns to his nest. Can you solve the prehistoric puzzles and make a swift escape?

Book Your Dino Adventure: Dino In The Jurassic offers a unique escape room experience with a touch of prehistoric excitement. Can you and your team locate Dino’s hidden items and escape the Jurassic peril? Book your adventure now and find out if you have what it takes to outwit a dinosaur! 🦕🕵️‍♂️


Time To Escape: 60 Mins

Suitable For: All Ages – Our Family Suited Room

Difficulty: Easy


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